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Betting Tools

Sports gambling tools make a big difference for those that are interested in placing bets and winning big when at it. With all the sports events happening year round becoming familiar with these powerful sports betting tools is never too late.

You can most definitely increase the chances of winning in sports betting with sports handicapping tools, you just need to find the sportsbook that suits your needs; whether it is a site that offers tips, team or player stats and latest news among others. Now you can take advantage of Diamond Sportsbook's exclusive sports betting tools for a more profitable experience when gambling on sports.

Parlay calculator Tool

A parlay calculator is a useful sports handicapping tool when you are dealing with money lines. This helps you figure out how much money you would get in return on the parlay odds. You are able to use this betting tool for parlays up to 10 teams!

Teaser Calculator Tool

Adjust the point spread in your favor with teaser bets to win big when betting on football or basketball. Use our teaser calculator tool to determine the outcome of any teaser combination, which will allow you to select up to 14 teams in a teaser bet.

Odds Converter Tool

The odds converter tool helps you convert odds into your desired format. Whether it be the fractional odds, decimal odds or money line odds our odds converter tool will be a great sports handicapping tool.

Sports Betting RSS Feeds

BetGuardian now has sports betting news, predictions and more available in RSS for you to keep up to date with your favorite sports information; as well we also have available a live lines ticker which you can access from your desktop anytime you like.