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Welcome to Bet Guardian, If you are looking for somewhere safe to gamble online then you have come to the right place. At Bet Guardian we reviewed the best online sports book and casino websites to give you the safest and most secure online gambling experience possible.

Billions of dollars is being spent online every year in the UK alone as online gambling is a huge business and when there is massive amounts of money involved scams and fraud will quickly follow. Bet  Guardian is the premier resource for online scams and tricks. We will make you aware of the major scams which are out there including bonus abuse, banking fraud and other popular scams which are designed to separate users with their money.

Scams don’t just target the end-user but also the casino themselves will often fall victim to credit card fraud, bonus abusers and other fraudulent activities such as hacking. The aim of this site is to make the users more aware how scammers extract money from casinos and how it ends up affecting the end-user. When a casino is hit for millions of dollars from a scammer or hacker the the cost is eventually passed on consumer in the form of tougher  bonus regulations or higher credit card processing fees.

If you have fallen victim to a scam online involving an online casino or sports book then get in touch. Although we cannot help with individual account issues i.e. issues relating to your account these should be dealt with through the gambling commission website or whoever your local gambling authority is. Other alternatives include getting in contact with casinomeister or odds junkie as they have a very good resolution system to help you get your money back from a super casino who refuses to pay out.  If you have fallen victim to a scammer online or if you know of any ongoing scams involving online gambling sites then please do contact us as much detail as possible and we aim to publish all correspondence.